Personalization Panel 2.5


A tool to personalize the basic elements of Windows 7.

As with any program or application, the time to market of a new operating system may come marked by haste, since development companies self-enforce deadlines by which their products must be for sale. Such haste may result in some aspects of the operating system not being quite polished when it reaches the market. But it's a temporary problem, and the necessary features will be added soon after by means of regular updates. And as principal of an operating system is its functionality rather than its aesthetics, often it is the elements related to the latter which are left in the pipeline. For the specific case of the first versions of Windows 7, there is a solution in the form of an application entitled Personalization Panel.

As you may well have been able to work out already just from that introduction, Personalization Panel is a simple but practical tool that will allow users of the first, and most basic, versions of this Microsoft operating system, Windows 7, to implement certain customizable aspects so that the system interface suits better to their tastes and preferences.

For example you can change the wallpapers in Windows 7 Starter, or modify the colour and appearance of the windows in Windows 7 Home Basic. These are just two examples of the possibilities that are provided for you by Personalization Panel. If you have any of these early versions of Windows 7 and wish to take advantage of the chance to make them much more to your style and taste, what are you waiting for to download Personalization Panel? It's free so do it now!


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